Now Accepting Bids For Grandstand Food Booths
March 7th, 2013

Twenty percent (20%) of the total Bid must accompany your Bid. If the Bid is accepted by the Fair Board, the 20% will be applied to the Bid amount. If the Bid is not accepted by the Fair Board, the 20% will be returned to the Bidder. If the Bid is declined - after being accepted - the deposit will be forfeited. If the deposit is not included with the Bid, the Bid will not be accepted. Balance of the bid must be paid in full by Friday, June 13, 2013. Only food may be sold in the Grandstand Booths.

The Fair Board Policy regarding food concession booths is that if a booth space is awarded by the Fair Board and declined by the bidder, then the difference between the original bid and the next highest bid received will assessed to the declining bidder. Failure to pay this assessment results in the removal of the declining bidder from the Bid List.